Hong Kong Escapade: Day 2

Hong Kong Escapade: Day 2

October 15, 2012

After resting for long hours it’s time to travel and explore tourist spots again.

We ate Thai food at a small restaurant near the hotel. Then, we took the way going to the underpass to reach the bus stop and travel to the Prince Edward MTR Station .

Through Te Veck’s navigation, we reached the Tung Chung  station where we found the City Gate Outlets mall.

Ngong Ping 360 degrees cable cars on the horizon

There we boarded a Ngong Ping 360 degrees cable car (another milestone) and reached Lantau island. On our way to the island, there were Lord of the Rings-like views and scenery :), also saw the airport and at the distance I also saw other cities.

We also  had the opportunity to taste their native delicacies: soya soup, fish ball, dumplings and the sweet and spicy rice noodle rolls.

enjoyed our snacks

Tourist spots in the island

Sunset in the island

Before the day ends, our next goal was to visit Victoria Harbor and see the Avenue of Stars.We had fun taking pictures, saw The Peak at the horizon, and of course the lights of the buildings along the harbor. There were floating restaurants and we’ve seen a lot of tourists just enjoying the view and the cool breeze.

Then came the Symphony of lights – I was really happy to experience the play of lights and the music from the orchestra. It was relaxing for me and its the perfect way of ending a day of walking and exploring different places.

Hours of walking and queuing left us tired for the day but instead of directly gong back to our hotel, we decided to visit their night market and buy “pasalubong” for our loved ones. We also found a small Pinoy restaurant and which served “tocilog”, “tapsilog” and “chicksilog” at the Jordan station in Kowloon.

Since somehow we got used to looking at maps, we were able to find our bus stop and reached the hotel to rest.

Tomorrow I’ll be living a childhood dream :).

Photos (c): Te Veck 🙂

Tingloy: A scenic island in Batangas

Tingloy: A scenic island in Batangas

It was my first time to personally organize a preaching tour in an isolated island in the Philippines. The idea was given by a well-meaning couple – a zealous brother and sister in faith. So after months of learning and researching about the place and weeks of preparation, came the day of our tour.

We left Baguio City at 11:00 in the evening aboard a Victory Liner bus. It took us only four hours to reach Cubao terminal. After having our early breakfast at Chowking we boarded an ALPs bus bound to Batangas Grand Terminal (BGT). Then, we had to board a passenger jeepney which brought us to Talaga port where we had to board a boat so we can reach the port of Tingloy.

Since we reached Talaga port at 8am, we still had to wait for the first trip to Tingloy at 10:30am.

From this point forward, what we have seen and experienced in the island are mostly depicted in pictures.

The community is peaceful and quaint. I felt a sense of serenity while watching these scenes. It was actually 6:30 am when I took these photos and felt melancholic since I was reminded of those days when I was still going to school – just like the kids in the photos.

Our preaching experience

The people in Tingloy are very polite and hospitable. We had a relaxed, enjoyable and fruitful time in sharing the good news of Jehovah God’s kingdom with them. 🙂

The best part for me was being greeted “good morning and good afternoon” wherever we go. It was really unusual for me since I’m used to passing by several persons and not getting a smile back or a nod even if I took the initiative to shyly greet them first in the city. But in this little island, it was like going back in time when people still care about each other and treat each other as family.


Perks of a Preaching Tour

Benefits of joining a preaching tour is being able to explore great places and captivating scenic views in the island. Local brothers and sisters invited us to visit their place and enjoy their hospitality.

Of course,  we enjoyed taking photos of the amazing views.

Scenic views at Masasa beach

Masasa Beach and swimming


enjoying the cool water

Masasa Beach Rock Formations

According to Tatay  (our tour guide), these rock formations are really old and is an admired tourist spot in their part of the island.

Mini hiking expedition

It took us almost 30 minutes to reach the top and we were a lot quicker going down the steep trail.

The views on top of the mountain are worth the unexpected hike 🙂

Visiting another side of the island – Dapdap

Sunset images in the island

The best things in life are free – just like the sunset. It often reminds me that Jehovah God wraps up a day beautifully thus giving hope to mankind that tomorrow it will beam and rise again.

Last Day in the island

With our siblings in faith in Tingloy Congregation
farewell picture with our family in Tingloy island

Memorable persons during our preaching tour


Additional Information:

Transportation Expenses:

  • Bus (Baguio to Cubao): 445php/head
  • ALPs Bus (Cubao to Batangas Grand Terminal): 165php/head
  • Jeep (BGT to Talaga port): 37php/head
  • Passenger boat (Talaga port to Tingloy Island): 65php/head
  • Tricycle (Tingloy port to Kingdom Hall): 10php/head

Images used are from the fb pages of the preaching tour members.