Autumn in Japan – Last day

Autumn in Japan – Last day

November 8, 2015, it was a Sunday and also our last day in Kyoto and it’s gloomy! 😦 It was raining hard but we have to follow our schedule. The four of us took turns taking a bath and packing our things. After having bread, cup noodles and coffee for breakfast, we went on our way to the Kyoto station. There we bought our JR Pass and proceeded to the Osaka station.

Osaka Station

Upon reaching the station, we looked for traveler lockers so we can leave our bags and search for the nearest kingdom hall. It was really convenient for us tourists since we don’t need to bring everything with us.

Then, we decided to have our lunch at the nearest restaurant within the building adjacent to the Osaka train station.

We had a hearty lunch, again we had the miso soup 🙂 and vegetable salad. My cousins enjoyed an order of sushi while I enjoyed tempura. I’m not a fan of raw fish that’s why – it’s a  good thing they have fried pork and tempura 🙂

Then it’s time to search for the kingdom hall. It was a few blocks away from the Osaka train station.

A brother saw us near the parking lot and he invited us to join him as he walked towards their kingdom hall. We enjoyed the warm welcome of our fellow JWs in the english congregation. We heard an encouraging talk from a Japanese brother and during the Watchtower Study, we gave encouraging comments. 🙂 We felt really blessed to be a part of Jehovah God’s organization because we experienced first-hand the warmth of the brotherhood even if we are far from home. It was faith-strengthening for all of us.

After saying our goodbyes, we proceeded to the Osaka train station and saw the flea market. There, we also bought additional souvenir items for our loved ones in the Philippines. Thanks to Ate Yeyeth – a fellow JW from the congregation we have attended, she pointed us to shops that sell items at a much cheaper price.

Kansai International Airport

Now it’s time to go back to Kansai International Airport so we can board our return flight to the Philippines.

After checking-in, we decided to have our dinner.

Boarding our flight

Though we’re somewhat sad because we’re already leaving Osaka, Japan – we are also excited to see our families in the Philippines so we can relate our experiences to them.

Hopefully, in the coming years, we’ll be able to return to Japan and visit other places. One thing I’m sure of – the memories of autumn that we’ve had in Osaka and Kyoto will forever stay in my heart. 🙂


Autumn in Japan Day 1

Autumn in Japan Day 1


“At last! We’re in JAPAN!”, I was really ecstatic upon reaching Kansai Airport on Wednesday, November 4, 2015 after experiencing a lot of troubles during our departure from NAIA (maybe I’ll write another blog regarding that later). As expected, the airport is very clean and spacious and the staff are very polite and helpful. After having our landing stamp on our passports we explored the enormous structure.

First, we went to the Money Changing Booth to change our dollars to yen. Then, we visited the Information Center where we were guided by a very friendly receptionist on what promos and packages are budget-friendly regarding train tickets for our tours and trips.After buying the tickets, we were also given exact directions on how we can reach our accommodation.

Then, since we’re already famished, we looked for a fast food booth and found Mc Donalds 🙂 – they really have big servings and we enjoyed our dinner. Beside Mc Donalds they also have Tsutaya and my niece was really happy upon seeing it. Now it’s time to see their trains and travel to our accommodation.

And that will be the next part of this blog.