Hello fellow bloggers and readers! Welcome to my space in the web 🙂

I am an IT professional who spent 16 years (almost half of my entire life – considering my current age) teaching in the University but opted to retire early so I can pursue my passion for my spiritual activities, musical interests and of course writing and blogging.

Blog/Diary Categories:

Epistles – musings and personal perceptions

Ministry – experiences while doing volunteer work

Teaching Adventures – unforgettable experiences as an IT College instructor, highlights of my teaching career in the university, tips and teaching strategies

Travels – places I have visited and things I enjoyed while being there

Though I don’t feel overwhelmed when I’m with a lot of people and can carry on a conversation regarding different topics, some people say that I am somewhat introverted. I know this is true.

I can spend several days at home, watching rom-coms, classics, korean series and jw.org videos.

Sometimes I just love reading and writing stuffs. I feel more comfortable writing my thoughts than saying them out loud.

So, this blog-diary serves as my way of freeing those thoughts and articulating them through the written word.

Feel free to leave comments and subscribe, so you can join my adventures as I share with you bits and pieces of my mind and my life. 🙂