Tingloy: A scenic island in Batangas

Tingloy: A scenic island in Batangas

It was my first time to personally organize a preaching tour in an isolated island in the Philippines. The idea was given by a well-meaning couple – a zealous brother and sister in faith. So after months of learning and researching about the place and weeks of preparation, came the day of our tour.

We left Baguio City at 11:00 in the evening aboard a Victory Liner bus. It took us only four hours to reach Cubao terminal. After having our early breakfast at Chowking we boarded an ALPs bus bound to Batangas Grand Terminal (BGT). Then, we had to board a passenger jeepney which brought us to Talaga port where we had to board a boat so we can reach the port of Tingloy.

Since we reached Talaga port at 8am, we still had to wait for the first trip to Tingloy at 10:30am.

From this point forward, what we have seen and experienced in the island are mostly depicted in pictures.

The community is peaceful and quaint. I felt a sense of serenity while watching these scenes. It was actually 6:30 am when I took these photos and felt melancholic since I was reminded of those days when I was still going to school – just like the kids in the photos.

Our preaching experience

The people in Tingloy are very polite and hospitable. We had a relaxed, enjoyable and fruitful time in sharing the good news of Jehovah God’s kingdom with them. 🙂

The best part for me was being greeted “good morning and good afternoon” wherever we go. It was really unusual for me since I’m used to passing by several persons and not getting a smile back or a nod even if I took the initiative to shyly greet them first in the city. But in this little island, it was like going back in time when people still care about each other and treat each other as family.


Perks of a Preaching Tour

Benefits of joining a preaching tour is being able to explore great places and captivating scenic views in the island. Local brothers and sisters invited us to visit their place and enjoy their hospitality.

Of course,  we enjoyed taking photos of the amazing views.

Scenic views at Masasa beach

Masasa Beach and swimming


enjoying the cool water

Masasa Beach Rock Formations

According to Tatay  (our tour guide), these rock formations are really old and is an admired tourist spot in their part of the island.

Mini hiking expedition

It took us almost 30 minutes to reach the top and we were a lot quicker going down the steep trail.

The views on top of the mountain are worth the unexpected hike 🙂

Visiting another side of the island – Dapdap

Sunset images in the island

The best things in life are free – just like the sunset. It often reminds me that Jehovah God wraps up a day beautifully thus giving hope to mankind that tomorrow it will beam and rise again.

Last Day in the island

With our siblings in faith in Tingloy Congregation
farewell picture with our family in Tingloy island

Memorable persons during our preaching tour


Additional Information:

Transportation Expenses:

  • Bus (Baguio to Cubao): 445php/head
  • ALPs Bus (Cubao to Batangas Grand Terminal): 165php/head
  • Jeep (BGT to Talaga port): 37php/head
  • Passenger boat (Talaga port to Tingloy Island): 65php/head
  • Tricycle (Tingloy port to Kingdom Hall): 10php/head

Images used are from the fb pages of the preaching tour members.

Dicasalarin Cove: Exploring Baler Part 3

Dicasalarin Cove: Exploring Baler Part 3

“The view was breathtaking! 🙂 It was awe-inspiring and relaxing as well.” I was so excited to reach the cove. 🙂

On our way to the cove, we made the mistake of going directly up the mountain instead of turning right. But it was a blessing in disguise for we reached Baler, Aurora’s PAG-ASA Weather Station. There we were warmly welcomed by the station manager and even invited and encouraged us to go to their office’ rooftop to see the view of the cove plus the instruments they are using to know the weather. Before leaving, we left a copy of the Bible Teach book to the station manager and went on our supposed way.

Dicasalarin Cove as seen on top of the PAG-ASA weather station

Then it was time to take the supposed turn and the view was really captivating.

the view of the Cove at the supposed turn

A station is found at the entrance of the turn. The staff is supposed to inform the staffs in the cove that we are arriving to prevent other vehicles from the cove to go up because of the one-way road. We also left bible-based publications to the staff and then it’s now time to travel along the steep one-way road before reaching the entrance to the cove.

Upon reaching the place, another interesting part of the property was the Artist Village, where we have seen wood sculptures and paintings of local artists.

Then it was time to approach the cove.

The cove was a pristine place.

a panoramic view of the cove

Then, we decided to explore parts of the cove and here are some of the views along the shoreline.

Since it was really hot that day – the sun is sure smiling sweetly 🙂 we felt tired, sunburnt and famished. Then, we decided to have our lunch at the staff house. The only thing that they can offer this time is their “pancit canton”. Their pancit canton is somewhat different – for they use ferns as garnishing. It was my first time to eat ferns and I can say that it was delicious 🙂 and the pancit was able to satisfy my hunger. 🙂

We decided to visit the cove again before leaving Baler so we can still explore its other parts. These are things and views we enjoyed while staying in the Angara Family’s secluded cove.

A hike going up the Beacon or the Lighthouse.

Now, its time to visit the caves. We had to go back to the rock opening going to the smaller cove.

The caves

After exploring the lighthouse and the caves, it’s now time to enjoy swimming..

The entrance fee is 300php per head and Dicasalarin Cove is only open until 6:00pm. But in our case, since it was already raining hard by 5:30pm, we decided to quickly leave the cove since the one-way steep road will become more slippery and the danger of rocks falling from the mountain is imminent.

Maybe you have noticed that most of my blogdiaries (blogaries) are made up of a few words and a lot of images (especially in this blog – most of them though have lower resolutions compared to the images in my earlier blogaries since I’m saving space here in wordpress) – they save me from being too verbose in my musings.

Feel free to leave comments or remarks and I hope you’ll also have the opportunity to visit, explore and enjoy this remarkable and serene place.




Exploring Baler Part 2

Exploring Baler Part 2

Tibag Sabang Bridge

A suspension bridge on top of the Tibag Sabang River with its waters flowing out to the sea. My cousins really want to see and cross this bridge so I gladly went with them. But, I also told them that I’ll just wait for them after their exploration.

To cross or not?

But, my cousins do not want to leave me behind, so they urged me to go first. My heart was beating wildly. I was really nervous and the bridge was swaying because of the wind from the sea. Then I thought, “This is a very good chance for me to overcome my fear of heights. And I might be able to talk to somebody on the other side of the bridge and share the good news that I have… Hmm, think positive, I can do this!” So off I went.

At first I was looking straight ahead so I can quickly reach the finish line (or the other end), but then the scenery was so inviting, I had to look at the opposite sides and admire the view and breathe in the fresh air. I’m glad I took this challenge and braved crossing the hanging bridge twice 🙂

Ditumabo Mother Falls in San Luis 

Another tourist destination is the “Mother Falls”, this is a 20-minute trek going to the majestic falls.

After walking for some time, we decided to take a short rest while one of my cousins took the opportunity to talk to and share some biblical publications to one of the volunteers in maintaining the cleanliness of this tourist spot. Then we continued walking …

Upon seeing the falls, I forgot that I was really tired of walking and crossing parts of the riverbed. It was really fascinating. There is so much power and intensity as I looked at the falls. The air is fresh and the surrounding is really cool. 🙂 Some tourists are even taking a dip and enjoying swimming in the natural pool carved by the strong and rushing flow of water.

It was really nice seeing two beautiful spots in Baler. I always find it worth the walk under the scorching heat of the sun just to see these wonders. I don’t know if I’ll be able to visit these remarkable places again in the future, but I was sure happy to have experienced them. 🙂

Next, is my favorite – our adventure in Dicasalarin Cove :). Stay tuned!

Exploring Baler Part 1

Exploring Baler Part 1

July 27, 2016 – after 8 long years, again, it was a pleasure to see and explore the wonders of Baler – the most known town of Aurora province in the Philippines. What made this place unique and special for me? Aside from the breathtaking views of the sea, shoreline, coves and forests – the people are very hospitable,  kind-hearted and  accommodating.

My cousins and I decided to do informal witnessing in this part of the beach. The main reason why we visited this town is to assist in the preaching work of the local congregation. Since they do not have a schedule in the afternoon, we decided to take a stroll at the beach and try informal witnessing.

Sabang Beach

Our first stop was Sabang beach, as we walked along the shoreline, these images left an impression on my mind.

majestic cloud formations
the sea looked so serene
mountains as barriers

It was past 2 in the afternoon, the sun is high, you can feel the heat emanating from the sand, so we decided to look for a shade and rest.

walking under the scorching heat
the googley umbrella according to a younger brother

Just Meditating

While my cousins are busy interviewing a surfing coach and teacher, I found time to relax, and just stare at the sea without a care in the world. Then I remembered, when I was still in the university, whenever I’m stressed and tired of checking and correcting academic papers, I often catch myself wishing that I’m in another place fronting the sea – just looking at the horizon and wondering what lies beyond. Free from the chaos at work.


And while relaxing, I saw two young school boys, happily walking under the scorching heat of the sun. Then I thought, maybe it’s fun to go back to those days when all you have to do is go to school, play with your classmates and do your homework upon reaching home. Life was very simple then.

primary school students walking along the beach

After such meditation, we had the opportunity of sharing the content of our bible-based magazines and tracts to obliging individuals and then we decided to go back to our accommodation.

the locals have a simple livelihood –  fishing

It was already past 4 in the afternoon and  the tide is also rising, the waves rushing to the shore are already bigger that’s why surfers – pros and newbies, young and old busied themselves by catching the waves and balancing atop their surf boards. As for us, we used our extra time taking pictures of views and scenery we treasure most And to complete the experience, we walked barefoot on the sand – this added a much needed massage and we became one with nature – since it has it’s own healing properties. I had a much needed rest actually which I’m really grateful for plus the opportunity to share the good news to those who are interested.

Stay with me as I continue the next parts of this travel in the succeeding blogs. 🙂