An ending is another beginning – a Tribute to Memorable Graduates …

Ten months have already passed since I submitted my resignation from the university, but, a few days before the graduation rites this semester, I received an invitation from my former College Dean to visit and join them during the short program and simple lunch as a Tribute to the Graduating Class. I realized that a part of this year’s graduating class are some of the most memorable students I have had, so I happily obliged.

May 26, 2017

It was really nice to see familiar faces once again.


School of Information Technology’s Graduating Class

I was asked to give a message and brightly send them off – somehow, I felt nervous and excited at the same time. It has been a while since I stood in front of them.

As I looked at them, I felt pride and honor. Some of them were my students during their very first semester in the university – they were once young and playful yet naive. But now, they are more serious, mature, skilled and knowledgeable in the IT field and most of them are taller than me. 🙂

I had a great time reminiscing what we have been through together and reminded them to take – not only the knowledge and skills, but also the values we have imparted to them as their mentors.

Looking back, I was known to be a strict instructor, somebody they dread to see every class meeting – but I can see that it worked out well with this batch since they were able to finish their bachelor’s degrees on time.



On top of that, my best students are also graduating with flying colors and I am deeply honored for touching their lives.



those at the top of SIT’s graduating class

Special mention is given to these kids …


my assistant concert directors 🙂

They were not only my students but also my workmates.

During their sophomore year, they helped me plan, arrange, direct and conduct a musical concert for a cause which highlighted the skills and talents of the students inside our college. So aside from acquiring and honing their IT skills, I’m also confident that they also have project management and event-handling skills.

For me, they are multi-talented graduates and are soon-to-be assets of the companies they will be working with. 🙂


my students, colleagues and younger sisters and brother in the school of IT 🙂

They will now end a chapter of their lives and fully embrace another beginning – that of the world of work and satisfying what they really want in life.

A year or two from now, I know that all of them will be better than me.

They will thrive and do their best in whatever field they choose to work in.

They will reach their potentials and soon – their dreams.

And in time, they will also willingly share what they have learned to those who will also follow their dreams – a legacy of the UB School of IT.


with them after the tribute to the graduates


Photo credits: Roselle and friends




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