Revisiting my dreams

As one goes through life, we are often faced with the realization that there is a need to stop, sit, think about, analyze and check whether we were able to reach what we once dreamt of becoming. I can still remember those times when I was usually asked to talk about and describe or write down what I wanted to be when I grow up – be it in school or in a casual conversation with somebody I just met and wanted to have small talk.

It’s nice to go back and reflect on those dreams.

Marine Cryptozoologist

During my elementary years, I was quite fond of reading books about myths and legends. Maybe because I really like natural sciences – specifically things, creatures and natural phenomena around me. I was fascinated with things quite out of the ordinary. The moment I read a story regarding a giant squid, I became interested with sea monsters that can only be found in the deepest parts of the ocean. One time, when I was reading a copy of Reader’s Digest, I was dumbfounded upon seeing a scary image of an orange sea creature resembling “Nessie” the Loch ness monster (which of course is a myth until now). That’s when I decided that I’ll be a marine cryptozoologist when I grow up. I would like to do research and discover hidden sea monsters and enjoy travelling as I work with a team during those expeditions.

Television Journalist/Broadcaster

In high school, my teachers discovered that I have a natural flair in writing, proofreading and editing. I can still remember the first feature article I have written as a freshman. It was about my realizations regarding the song “A Whole New World” – the soundtrack of the Disney movie Alladin. That’s when the school paper adviser asked me to join the Editorial Staff of the campus school paper and compete in journalism and writing events. It was also the same year when I was sent to public speaking competitions and I realized that I have a knack in getting my ideas across an audience. During my senior year I became the Editor-in-chief of the school paper and that’s when I realized that I don’t want to be a marine cryptozoologist anymore because I want to be a journalist and write. I also like the way a local TV journalist deliver news in the evening news program. She was very clear and precise in terms of delivering the news. So I decided that I will become a journalist by day and a Television broadcaster in the evening. Later on, this dream was supported by a college qualifying exam that revealed that I have inherent skills that will allow me to study mass communications and journalism.

President and CEO of an animation company

Due to some unexpected events, I wasn’t able to pursue a bachelors degree in Journalism and Mass Communications. A scholarship pushed me to take another path and consider my other skills geared towards engineering and applied sciences and that is to pursue a bachelors degree in Computer and Information Science aka Information Technology nowadays. And as I go on through the program, I began to like logic, analysis and design. During my sophomore year, on the first day of classes I was asked by my professor to talk about how I see myself in ten years time. Because I have learned to love computers and technology I have decided that I will become a President or a CEO of an animation company.

College Professor and a part-time Business Process Analyst

In college, I have had several professors who were really passionate in teaching. They are the ones who exerted extra effort in reaching out to their students. They did not only make me memorize ideas and concepts but they were able to challenge the way I think and reason but the most important skill they gave me was: they made me learn how to discover and learn things by myself. They also taught me that there are several ways on how things and systems work, and that I always have to be on the lookout for the most effective and efficient way with the least cost and without sacrificing quality. That was when I realized that I want to become a College Professor like them, and if my job environment will permit – I’ll also practice being a business process system analyst.

After college, I thought a career in a local semiconductor company will be a good start – maybe I’ll be able to fulfill one of my dreams. But, during my months as a trainee, I realized that I was not happy with the work environment and I felt like I was a prisoner inside. Facing the computer for eight hours a day did not make me happy. I’m yearning for something else.

So I decided to apply in a local university. I enjoyed working for 16 years in the academic community and there I was able to fulfill my dream of becoming a College Professor and a part time business process analyst before I decided that I’ve had enough of that dream. So, I applied for voluntary exit (sort of an early retirement in other companies) and that it’s not too late for me to start dreaming again for things I would like to do in life.


It was my 12th year in the university, I was given a plaque of appreciation and cash incentives during my 10th year for loyally serving the university. My life fell into a rut of multitasking and most of the time I am stressed, worried and sick. That was when I realized that I want to do something else and be someone else. I want more control of my life, more time to reflect on things, travel and most importantly prioritize my ministry. So I decided to become a freelancer and use my other skills, and enjoy a simpler, more laid back way of life. I’m currently out of the rat race and I can say that I’m more relaxed and happy.

Now, I also have more time to reflect on things that happened in my life. I realized how unrealistic and idealistic my dreams were when I was young. I’m glad that as we go on through life and learn and experience things – we become more mature and realistic – so our choices and decisions are also wiser and better than before.


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