Exploring Baler Part 1

July 27, 2016 – after 8 long years, again, it was a pleasure to see and explore the wonders of Baler – the most known town of Aurora province in the Philippines. What made this place unique and special for me? Aside from the breathtaking views of the sea, shoreline, coves and forests – the people are very hospitable,  kind-hearted and  accommodating.

My cousins and I decided to do informal witnessing in this part of the beach. The main reason why we visited this town is to assist in the preaching work of the local congregation. Since they do not have a schedule in the afternoon, we decided to take a stroll at the beach and try informal witnessing.

Sabang Beach

Our first stop was Sabang beach, as we walked along the shoreline, these images left an impression on my mind.


majestic cloud formations


the sea looked so serene


mountains as barriers

It was past 2 in the afternoon, the sun is high, you can feel the heat emanating from the sand, so we decided to look for a shade and rest.


walking under the scorching heat


the googley umbrella according to a younger brother

Just Meditating

While my cousins are busy interviewing a surfing coach and teacher, I found time to relax, and just stare at the sea without a care in the world. Then I remembered, when I was still in the university, whenever I’m stressed and tired of checking and correcting academic papers, I often catch myself wishing that I’m in another place fronting the sea – just looking at the horizon and wondering what lies beyond. Free from the chaos at work.


And while relaxing, I saw two young school boys, happily walking under the scorching heat of the sun. Then I thought, maybe it’s fun to go back to those days when all you have to do is go to school, play with your classmates and do your homework upon reaching home. Life was very simple then.


primary school students walking along the beach

After such meditation, we had the opportunity of sharing the content of our bible-based magazines and tracts to obliging individuals and then we decided to go back to our accommodation.


the locals have a simple livelihood –  fishing

It was already past 4 in the afternoon and  the tide is also rising, the waves rushing to the shore are already bigger that’s why surfers – pros and newbies, young and old busied themselves by catching the waves and balancing atop their surf boards. As for us, we used our extra time taking pictures of views and scenery we treasure most And to complete the experience, we walked barefoot on the sand – this added a much needed massage and we became one with nature – since it has it’s own healing properties. I had a much needed rest actually which I’m really grateful for plus the opportunity to share the good news to those who are interested.

Stay with me as I continue the next parts of this travel in the succeeding blogs. 🙂


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