Autumn in Japan Day 3

“I have fallen in love with fall!”, I can’t believe I’m really here – surrounded by different fall colors. Fall or Autumn is indeed magnificent. Leaves changing hues from green to yellow, orange and red or almost crimson. Autumn means change is taking place. One of my childhood dreams is now fulfilled – I’ve seen and experienced autumn personally 🙂

Our third day in Osaka means saying goodbye to our friendly receptionist at Guesthouse U-en. Again, we need to buy tickets so we can see tourist spots we chose from the brochure and travel through the Osaka Municipal Subway. Osaka’s WiFi service is indeed great – for almost all commuters are always busy tapping their cellphones surfing the net, using social media, playing games or just listening to music.

I enjoyed the walk from the subway to Nagai Park – the air is cool and there’s a breeze. And as we tread on the pathway going to the museum, little by little, we were introduced to the warm colors of fall 🙂


To pack more energy because we know that more strenuous walking is needed so we can explore the museum and the vast area of the botanical garden, we stopped at a nearby food stall and ate our brunch 🙂

Osaka Museum of Natural History

Here we saw a lot of animal skeletons, preserved insects, aquatic animals and plants. It’s always good to see the wonders of nature according to history. Most of the animals and plants on display are already extinct, so we can really appreciate the effort of those who are manning the museum for they made a way for us to see those life forms which are already non-existent .

Within this facility, we have seen old ladies sketching the bones of animals 🙂 and they were really friendly enough to oblige us as we take their pictures while drawing.

Nagai Botanical Garden – another home to Osaka’s fall colors 🙂 …

If only I can stay and live here 🙂 – that would be perfect! But since that’s not possible I asked my relatives if they’ll allow me to explore the whole garden on my own as they also go to spots they want to see. The long, solo walk around the garden gave me time to take a lot of photos, relax, and then meditate on how wonderful Jehovah God’s creations are. I was really thankful because He created Fall/Autumn as a season – if only we have the same in the Philippines – that would be nice. 🙂

Nagai Rose Garden – another beauty inside this tourist spot. Different variety of roses in different colors – what a sight to behold! 🙂



pre-schoolers with their teachers


pre-schoolers leaving the garden

On our way out, a bunch of pre-schoolers are also leaving the place after their tour. These Japanese kids are really cute -all of them are wearing the same clothes (their uniform), same caps and even same backpacks :). At a very young age, discipline is indeed inculcated in their young minds.

Journey to Kyoto

After exploring the garden, it’s now time to go back to the subway and travel to another tourist destination – Kyoto! Again we went back to the Nagai Train station and boarded another train along the JR Line to the Kyoto station. Upon reaching Kyoto, again we’re really famished, and since a Mc Donalds fastfood chain is just nearby, we went there to eat our early dinner.

While eating, we saw an old lady with a bag of bread and she started tearing the bread into small pieces. She signaled and then scattered the bread, afterwards a lot of pigeons started eating the bread crumbs. It was nice to see an old soul, doing what she can to feed the wild pigeons 🙂 – an act of kindness I will never forget.


An old lady feeding the pigeons 🙂

Then, it’s time to search for the location of our accommodation. It was a few blocks away from the Kyoto Tower, so we decided to board a taxi to the Kyoto tower then walk to Shimogyo-ku Higashi-Nakasuji Shoman-Kudaru, Momiji-cho 362, Shimogyo Ward. There we found Backpacker’s Hostel Tour Club where we are booked for 2 nights. A Japanese-style quadruple room was reserved for us and this time, a small toilet/bath is inside the room – it was worth Php10,228, so roughly each of us spent Php 1,278.50 per night.

We were really tired so we decided to just watch TV until we fall asleep.


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