Autumn in Japan Day 1


“At last! We’re in JAPAN!”, I was really ecstatic upon reaching Kansai Airport on Wednesday, November 4, 2015 after experiencing a lot of troubles during our departure from NAIA (maybe I’ll write another blog regarding that later). As expected, the airport is very clean and spacious and the staff are very polite and helpful. After having our landing stamp on our passports we explored the enormous structure.

First, we went to the Money Changing Booth to change our dollars to yen. Then, we visited the Information Center where we were guided by a very friendly receptionist on what promos and packages are budget-friendly regarding train tickets for our tours and trips.After buying the tickets, we were also given exact directions on how we can reach our accommodation.

Then, since we’re already famished, we looked for a fast food booth and found Mc Donalds 🙂 – they really have big servings and we enjoyed our dinner. Beside Mc Donalds they also have Tsutaya and my niece was really happy upon seeing it. Now it’s time to see their trains and travel to our accommodation.

And that will be the next part of this blog.



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